Clear Falls Knights Band

(Updated with Guard Leadership)

We are pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Leadership Team!!  Congratulations to all of those who applied! The dedication and aspirations to become a moving force in the band program means a lot to the directors and the rest of the band program.  Continue to strive for greatness!!  

Drum Majors

  • Maggie Davidson
  • Sydney Ortega
  • Jorden Zepeda
  • Tarryn Goldner


CaptainsVictoria Lord, Corbin Dwyer
FlutePhoebe Swan, Kaitlyn Johnson, Sigourney Lee
ClarinetMadison Ward, Peyton Botik
Alto SaxKeegan Baker, Anna Tumanyan
Low ReedFedra Dumoulin, Christian Crespo


CaptainsJordan Morrison, Clay Young
TrumpetCamryn Devereaux, Sean Neigut, Katy Benoit
MelloGeorgia Schmitt, Karissa Herrscher
BaritoneClay Young
TromboneJordan Morrison, Sami Horne
TubaEddie Turcotte, Christian Hubbard


CaptainsAndrew Sukal, Steven Papaleo
PitKevin Wen, Carlos Schuler
TenorJett Myers
BassLauren Edwards

Color Guard

CaptainChloe Thomas
Co-CaptainReese Seiley
LieutenantsMakayla Roberts, Ysabella Santllan, Avery Cart

Social Officers

PresdientClay Young
Vice PresidentTarryn Goldner
HistorianFedra Dumoulin, Ella Eger
Public RelationsKaty Benoit, Sami Horne
GuardEmily Martin