Clear Falls Knights Band

Varsity Winter Show: “Expedition of Light”

2020 is the first year in the Clear Falls Color Guard history to have a Varsity Color Guard team.  This year the varsity team is made up of 16 ladies and has a new leader, Coach Nicole Clyburn.  Clyburn’s goal was to push the varsity team harder and have them compete at a higher level against more competitive teams. Their show this year was called Expedition of Light, a journey through the cold darkness with a bright light leading the way and included large blocks of shimmering ice cubes and brightly lit lanterns. They were scheduled for 4 competitions but because of COVID – 19, they were only able to compete in three, unfortunately missing their area championship which is the qualifier for state.   However, this is also the first year that the majority of their competitions were with the Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC), a very competitive group and the first year that they did a Winter Guard International (WGI) competition which is the elite of the elite, focusing on a highly developed technique and choreography and judged more critically.  These girls worked very hard this year and their work paid off.  They placed high in the TCGC competitions and placed 6 out of 10 in the WGI competition.  An impressive season indeed!

Varsity at Dawson
Varsity Color Guard at the Dawson competition where they earned 3rd place

Junior Varsity Winter Show: “Human”

For the first time in Clear Falls history, we have a junior varsity team, a group of ladies who came in with no guard experience but under the leadership of Nicole Clyburn, rose to the occasion and had an incredible inaugural year.  This first jv team included 7 young ladies, 5 of whom competed and they held their own.  Their show was “Human” and as the title suggests, displayed a routine showing the raw emotions of being human.  They were able to complete their 3 TCGC competitions which included area and did very well for a new team.  They were also a great help to the varsity team by serving as the prop and floor crew at their competitions.  The Clear Falls Color Guard Team has a great future a head!

JV at  Dawson
JV team awards at the Dawson show where they earned 2nd place

Below are the overall season results:

VarsityFeb 1stTCGC Dawson/Turner Show3rd Place in class
VarsityFeb 8thWinter Guard International/Klein Oak6th Place in class
VarsityFeb 21stTCGC Clear Creek Show1st Place in class
JVFeb 1stTCGC Dawson/Turner Show2nd Place in class
JVFeb 21stTCGC Clear Creek Show2nd Place in class
JVMar 7thTCGC Novice Championships/Cy Park10th Place in round