Clear Falls Knights Band

@ Stallworth Stadium, 2509 E Archer Rd, Baytown, TX 77521

  • 2:50 – Report Time/Rehearsal
  • 3:50 – Load/Eat Dinner
  • 4:50 – Inspection/Line up for Bus Loading
  • 5:00 – Depart for Stallworth Stadium
  • 7:00 – Kickoff
  • 11:30 – Return Time (estimated)


  • If this is your first football game with the band, see this helpful document.
  • This will be the last game without uniforms. Students MUST wear their green band dri-fit shirts, black shorts (school appropriate length), LONG black socks, and band shoes to rehearsal and the game. Students not in compliance will be sent back to the band hall to fix. Not having any of these items may prevent them from marching.
  • Students will eat dinner in the area right outside of the auditorium and house 3. VENDING MACHINES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. We ask that the band does not leave a mess where we eat. Leadership keep an eye on these areas and be prepared to clean up in the event the band does not.
  • For inspection, your student will need to show your lyre (if applicable), flip folder, water bottle, and RAIN PONCHO. After we return to the band hall, please put all items away before leaving for the weekend.
  • Please understand that although 11:30 is estimated, there is a chance we could arrive earlier or later depending on the course of the football game. If the football team passes for most of the game, it could move slower and cause us to be late.
  • Please do not pick students up in front of the band hall, as it will be blocked off for the pit to unload and safely cross the street into the band hall. We also ask that parents do not park in the horseshoe in front of the school as that is where the buses will drop off the band. Please pull into a parking space and wait for your band student to exit the band hall. Also, please do not park in the handicap spaces unless you have a tag or license plate with a handicap designation. Students do not leave your cars parked in the first 6 spaces closest to the band hall in the parking lot as the truck unloading will happen there.