Clear Falls Knights Band

Knights Color Guard

Color Guard in Marching Season

The highly acclaimed Clear Falls Knights Color Guard is a fun, diverse performance group that has two distinct seasons during the school year.  We work alongside the band during marching season to add visual color and dimension through dance and props which include flags, rifles, and sabers.  We interpret the music of the marching band through synchronized movement of props and dance including ballet, jazz, and modern styles.  The Color Guard is an important part of the marching band performance at both football games and the competitive performances that lead up to the UIL final competition of the season. We also sit as a group in the stands with the band during football games doing different dances with the music including fight songs. It is a fast-paced season, but one filled with fun and accomplishment as well. 

Winter Guard

After marching season concludes, Color Guard transitions to their winter competition season which includes Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC) and Winter Guard International (WGI) competitions.  Winter Guard performs a visual show set to music in an indoor setting competing against other area color guards.  We typically wrap up the season after Spring Break with the TCGC area competition which lead to the State Championship.  Clear Falls Color Guard has a strong history of doing very well in these competitions and having a lot of fun too.

In the 2019-2020 school year, a new Color Guard director, Nicole Clyburn, joined the team along with Zoea Holubec, her assistant and Falls Color Guard alumni.  The other big change that came was a team big enough to create a junior varsity and varsity level, a first for the Falls Color Guard team.

The Commitment

Being on the team is a big commitment but one well worth the time and effort.  Each new school year, Color Guard starts learning choreography at the end of July and joins the band in Marching Camp around the first week of August.  This is the time when everyone learns their part of the marching show for that season.  Color Guard works on our own and alongside the band during the camp.  When school begins, we continue to practice after school throughout marching season.  Once we transition to Winter Guard, we resume after school practice through the end of winter guard season, typically the end of March or early April.

Other Performance Opportunities

In addition to our two competition seasons, we also have other opportunities to perform.  We perform routines at Pep Rallies.  We join the band in a Winter Concert for our families and friends, where we perform a festive holiday routine.  We also join the band in a community holiday parade in League City to help usher in the season.  We conclude the school year with a final concert in May where our graduating seniors are honored and recognized and we have the opportunity to attend a beautiful Banquet where we all dress up and have a final hurrah with our band family.  And before May ends, we participate in the next year’s Color Guard and leadership auditions. 

Why join the Guard?

But the best part of Color Guard, is not necessarily the dance, equipment, props, championships or trips. Participation in the Color Guard promotes the development of physical fitness, self-confidence, discipline and other life skills. And you don’t have to be an experienced dancer to join, just a willingness to learn and stick with it.  Color guard members become a family for one another throughout their high school experience and it will leave you with life long memories and friends.

FAQs About Color Guard:

Do I need formal dance experience?

No, anyone who wants to learn can try out.  You do not have to already have dance or flag spinning experience.  We will teach you everything you need to know.  And you can always add a dance class on your own to enhance your skills but it is not required.

Do I have to buy equipment and costumes?

There is some basic equipment that is required which includes jazz shoes for marching season, water bottle, duffle bag, warm up suit, rehearsal shirts, shorts, and leggings, rehearsal shoes, gloves, flag bag, and show shirt.  All of which can be purchased during equipment night in August.  All the costumes, props and competition entry fees for the year are covered by a fair share fee which can also be paid in August.

Isn’t it too hot to have camp in August?

Yes it is hot but we adjust our schedule to make sure the students are not outside during the worst heat of the day.  We work on things inside during the middle of the day saving our outside time for early morning and late afternoon/evening.  We also have frequent water breaks and make sure the students have hats, sunscreen, and anything else that will help them deal with the heat, like popsicles from the band booster club.

Do I need to sign up for a class to be in Color Guard?

Yes, Color Guard meets as a class everyday and your counselor will work with your schedule so you can be in the designated Color Guard class period.  And you will get P.E. credit for the class too,  so no other P.E. class is required for graduation.

Can I “letter” in Color Guard?

Yes you can.  Generally it takes two years of participation in Color Guard with good attendance in rehearsals and in competitions to be considered for a “letter”.

How do I handle keeping my grades up with the commitment of Color Guard?

It is challenging but can be done.  There is time after school before practice starts to work on school work.  And because both band and color guard come from all backgrounds, all interests, and all have different strengths, we find that the students really help each other out with their assignments and navigating the challenges of the high school curriculum.  We also have to follow the “no pass/no play” rule so everyone is encouraged to keep their grades up and help each other out.  Being involved in an extra activity such as Color Guard actually helps students learn to manage and organize their time more effectively.