Clear Falls Knights Band

Knight Tales:

  • Piano listenings this week. Mrs. Brownlee and Mr. Hervey’s lists are posted in the band hall hallway. Students MUST bring their fee on their FIRST listening.
  • The next Spring Trip installment is due on Tuesday February 18th. All charms accounts should be updated by tomorrow morning with the trip fees paid. If you see any discrepancies, please notify Mr. Moreno.
  • Percussion rehearsals will be on Tuesday only this week. Wind Ensemble will have full sectionals, please see below.
  • For our Fundraiser! We need our students to bring in 20 emails of close friends and family from around the country! We are doing an online donation fundraiser that we will reach beyond our community. Our goal is that each student raise $200 minimum each.
  • Solo and Ensemble eligibility. In order to participate in the Feb. 22nd S/E, all students must be eligible. Students that passed Q2 and P5 are eligible. Students that did not pass will need to pass the P6 grade pull. This grading period ends on Friday Friday 14th. Please help us monitor your student’s grades. Students that do not pass will have to be heard by a director at their final piano time for a director.
  • Mr. Moreno will be contacting students that have past due band fees. If you have any outstanding fees, please feel free to contact Mr. Moreno in advance.
  • The Symphonic Band Side by Side rehearsal was a TREMENDOUS success. The next side by side will be for the Wind Ensemble on Friday, February 21st. We will bus the students to and from Seabrook.
  • Congratulations to our Varsity Guard on Saturday. They had their debut at the prestigious WGI (Winter Guard International) Houston Regional. They had a great first showing, placing 6th out of 11! We are so proud of you.
  • Thank you to our uniform workers that will be coming and rearranging our uniform room! Thank you also to Janet Henderson and Kallie Greenfield who will help with concert uniform fittings! Your help is greatly appreciated! More information on concert uniform fittings to come soon!

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday February 10th :
    • 2:45 pm-WE Full Brass 2:45-4:15
  • Tuesday February 11th:
    • 3:30-WE Full Ww’s 3:30-5:00 pm
    • 3:30-Percussion rehearsal
  • Piano Listenings after school. Schedule will be sent out on charms tomorrow. As well as times for Solo and Ensemble for February 22 .
  • ***Full Band for WE to begin on Monday February 24th from 4-6 pm. Full Band rehearsals for the other groups will begin after Spring Break**
  • Key
    • CB-Concert Band
    • Symph-Symphonic Band
    • WE- Wind Ensemble

Guard Corner:

  • No Guard Rehearsal on Thursday and Friday this week.