Clear Falls Knights Band

Knight Tales:

  • ASSIGNMENTS: This week’s assignments are listed below! Things are winding down for this year. Seniors are not responsible for the assignments below but please make sure your previous assignments are in NOW!
  • Boosters: There will be a booster meeting on Wednesday, May 20th at 6 pm via zoom for the elections of officers for next year and for the approval of next year’s booster budget:
    • The candidates for the executive board are:
      • President– Nina Olson
      • Vice-President– Kristi Reiser
      • Treasurer: Ernie Davis
      • Secretary: Carrie Hughes
      • Color Guard Vice President: Elizabeth Whelan
    • Please use this link to sign into the meeting on Wednesday at 6 pm. The room will be open as early as 5:50 pm.
    • Zoom Link
    • Password: 6hFNv7
  • We have not received word on when we can check out summer instruments. Once we get word, we will let you know.
  • Spring Trip: We are waiting for the funds from the trip company for reimbursements. They are now saying June 1st before they have more information. We will continue to keep you posted.
  • We will post the band auditions results on the Member’s Only page on the website as well as send them out via charms and skyward.
  • Leadership selections will be posted tomorrow by noon on the Member’s Only Page on the band website. There will be a new leadership meeting on Friday at 1 pm for our new leaders. Please use this link for the meeting on Friday.
  • Percussion Meeting also on Friday at 2 pm.

**SOCIAL OFFICER ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD THIS TUESDAY. VOTING WILL OPEN AT 1 PM AND CLOSE AT 2 PM. This will be done by google forms that will be sent on Tuesday.

Assignments for the week of 5/11-5/17

  1. No worksheets due for this week. Please take advantage of turning in the work that you may have missed. Check your skyward daily and email us if you see anything missing that you may have turned in already.
  2. Practice Card: Showing 1 hour for the week; Due Sunday May 24th 3:30 pm
    • a. “Jai Ho”
    • b. “Shut up and Dance”
      • *Make sure you can count and play! Recordings can be found online type in title/arranger and it should take you to places you can listen. Please find the music on “Member’s Only”. The password can be found through your skyward email!
      • Please email your completed cards to Mr. Zavalla.
    • c. Percussion- Please send Mr. Valdez a video of a DIFFERENT exercise from the packet for feedback. There are 8 battery, 6 keyboard pick one of either genre. Please adhere to the written tempo ranges and play multiple times at different tempos (within those ranges) in order to get the best feedback. Assignment due Sunday May24th by 3:30 pm. Please send your videos to Mr. Valdez. There should be 8 videos total and Mr. Valdez will use the videos as information to place next year’s battery and front ensemble!


Guard Corner:

  • All returning guard should complete the remainder of the Audition Topics in FlipGrid this week!