Clear Falls Knights Band

Congratulations to All students involved in the region band/orchestra audition process!  We had our most successful season yet!

A special congratulations to all students earning Region/Area status!

Alex MeyerRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Sigourney LeeRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Spencer DwyerRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Brennan WhiteRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Eva GomezRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Clinton PrestonRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Ella EgerRegion Band/Orchestra6A AREA
Paige HesslerRegion Band6A AREA
Ramon PadillaRegion Band6A AREA
Jared WattRegion Band6A AREA
Arkady MarchenkoRegion Band6A AREA
Eileen PakRegion Band 
Kayla NguyenRegion Band 
Haley NelsonRegion Band 
Kira Scotia KenneyRegion Band 
Kyle NguyenRegion Band 
Jessica BacaRegion Band 
Sean SalasRegion Band 
Kevin O’DonnellRegion Band 
Jett MyersRegion Band 
Benjamin HemrickRegion Band/9th grade Region 
Matthew LeijaRegion Band 
Sarah AyresRegion Band 
Audrey HughesDistrict Band 
David ZhangDistrict Band 
Alec EspirituDistrict Band/9th grade Region 
Fabian FloresDistrict Band 
Steven GrundbergDistrict Band 
Michelle Flores9th grade Region  
Olivia Aubin9th grade Region  
Michael Renfree9th grade Region  
Davion Dejvongsa9th grade Region