Clear Falls Knights Band

Staying Informed

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There are 5 steps to be fully informed about the Band and Color Guard and all its activities. Please be sure to follow all the links and directions below so you don’t miss out.

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1. Get Emails through Skyward

To communicate with band students and parents, the band directors will use Skyward.

Please make sure your information is current at all times. To do that:

Update Personal Information – You can help the directors by keeping your contact information current. Make sure your email, phone number, phone carrier, and address is current on the student information page.  This is to help the directors communicate with you.


2. Subscribe to the Band Calendar

CALENDAR: See the Band/CG Google Calendar for the latest schedule.  You can setup the calendar to sync to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Please note, the Band/CG schedules are subject to change.  The Booster Club does it’s best to keep the calendar up to date however, information issued directly to the student from the band directors either verbally or via handout always takes precedence.

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3. Get Mobile Reminders with the BAND App

BAND is a new app for iphone or Android that will send notifications and groups announcements and will be used for time urgent information for students, like reminders to bring something to class, or notifications of when the bus will be returning from a game.  The band calendar feed is also visible from within the app.

Click here to download BAND and join

Once your name is recognized you will be added to the closed group.

Please note that due to a new fee structure for large groups and changes in district policy, the REMIND App is no longer being used by the marching band for students. During a transition period we will use both tools.



4. Join the Band Booster Closed Facebook Group

Click the Group link, log in to your Facebook account, and request to become a member.  Once your name has been validated you will be able to see all the posts in the group.  This is optional, and not a source of “official information.” The group serves as a center of activity for parents to share questions, request help with meals or other activities, and get to know each other.  Because it is closed, it is much more open about sharing specific names of students and parents than our public-facing online sites.


5.  Follow this website to get notifications

Our website has been redesigned to support frequent updates and convenient viewing from mobile devices.  Through WordPress, you can FOLLOW the site by clicking on the blue bar at the bottom of any page to get notifications of updates via email or through the WordPress Mobile App.  Here’s what you can get from the website:

  • Knights Creed information, including “Knights Tales” and “Upcoming Events” each week as soon as possible after the Knights Creed letter goes out.
  • Awards for contest information and outcomes.
  • View the upcoming events for the next 4 days at the bottom of any page, and the full Band Calendar from any device.
  • Information about Directors, Booster officers, Downloads and Forms, Links, and ways to Support the band when you shop.