Clear Falls Knights Band

Knight Tales:

  • ASSIGNMENTS: This week’s assignments are listed below!
  • Spring Trip: Mr. Moreno spoke with Perform America and they are finalizing numbers from the trip. They are still waiting to hear back from our bus vendor for refunds and they are hoping to have information for us by May 1st. Thank you for your patience.
  • Auditions: Due to conflicting information regarding approved platforms for auditions, we will need to find another way for auditions to happen via video. They must be done by video so we can have verification. We apologize for this mishap. Mr. Moreno will be sending out the new procedure as soon as possible. We are still shooting to have videos turned in this week.
  • UIL: Due to school closure for the rest of the year, UIL will not take place for Concert and Sight-reading. There have been questions about marching band. The Knights Band team is moving forward with plans for marching band as the schedule will be as it is written the full year calendar. However, we will only operate with approvals from our government and district officials given for all schools. As always, we will keep you updated. Our student and staff safety will always be our highest priority!
  • The student leadership process will begin very soon. Mr. Moreno will send an updated packet out to you to fill out for leadership consideration. We will have a couple of meetings via ZOOM once this process gets underway. Expect this process to begin between now and next week. This will include drum major/guard officer selection.
  • Reminder: We will continue to take detailed grades for the work being done for our assignments and not just a general grade for completion. Please be diligent and let us know if you have any specific circumstances that we can assist you with. We are here to help, Just let us know! All late work will be accepted for weeks of 3/16-4/3 for FULL CREDIT throughout the 9 weeks.

Assignments for the week of 4/20-4/24

  1. There will be no worksheet this week so our students can focus solely on the auditions due this Friday. The process for submission will be updated and posted very soon. We apologize profusely for the inconvenience.
  2. Practice Card: Showing 1 hour for the week; Due Sunday, April 26th 3:30 pm
    • a. Winds-Prioritize Audition Scales and Etudes.
    • b. Percussion– Please send Mr. Valdez a video of a DIFFERENT exercise from last week’s packet for feedback. There are 8 battery, 6 keyboard pick one of either genre. Please adhere to the written tempo ranges and play multiple times at different tempos (within those ranges) in order to get the best feedback. Assignment due Sunday April 26th 3:30 pm.
    • c. Guard-assignment will be sent out by Mr. Zavalla.