Clear Falls Knights Band

Knight Tales:

Hello Knights:
We’d like to take this time to let you know that we really miss seeing and teaching our wonderful band students. We are looking forward to the day that we can gather again to make music and spend time as a Knight’s Band Family. We also know that all our band students, especially our seniors, will be affected in many ways as they were looking forward to special events we typically do on our campus and in our program. We will do all that we can to make the rest of this year special. Although nothing is certain, we are still devoted to helping ALL of our students have a memorable band experience if we are able to return to school this year. If not, we will make the best of things and stay positive! Please see the following information about various details surrounding our program. Hang in there everyone and please be patient as we all try our best to navigate through these uncertain times.”

  • ASSIGNMENTS: This week’s assignments are listed below on the next page!
  • Spring Trip!: Mr. Moreno has been in constant contact with our trip company “Perform America” about the status of our refund for our cancelled trip. Whenever information is received it will IMMEDIATELY be sent to all involved.
  • Auditions: By tomorrow we will have a full posting regarding our Audition Procedures for the WINDS (woodwind and brass). They will be auditioned in the next coming weeks. A full list of wind players must be submitted to the counselors by May 1st. PERCUSSION AND GUARD AUDITIONS HAVE NOT BEEN DECIDED AT THIS TIME, more information to follow…….
  • UIL: As of right now there has not been an official cancellation of UIL Concert and Sight-reading but we are thinking that this is a STRONG possibility. Right-now for practice cards, the audition music and scales is the top priority for class assignments. Even for Seniors!
  • Student Leadership selection is another topic we would like to visit about once we have more information regarding the May 4th timeline for the district.
  • Starting this week, we will be taking detailed grades for the work being done for our assignments and not just a general grade for completion. Please be diligent and let us know if you have any specific circumstances that we can assist you with. We are here to help, Just let us know! All late work will be accepted for weeks of 3/16-4/3 for FULL CREDIT throughout the 9 weeks.

Assignments for the week of 4/6-4/12

  1. Scale Construction sheet: Will be sent out by Mr. Zavalla on Charms, Skyward, and Itslearning today. Due by Sunday April 12th by 3:30 pm. (Winds and Percussion )
  2. Practice Card: Showing 1 hour; Due Sunday April 12th 3:30 pm
    • a. Winds-Prioritize Audition Scales and Etudes.
    • b. Percussion- Please send Mr. Valdez video of the exercises , one exercise (not page) for feedback. There are 8 battery, 6 keyboard pick one of either genre. Please adhere to the written tempo ranges, and play multiple times at different tempos (within those ranges) in order to get the best feedback.
    • c. Guard-assignment will be sent out by Mr. Zavalla.
  • ***We will accept this week’s assignments to Sunday April 12th at 3:30 pm. We know this is a holiday celebrated by many of our staff and students, so please try to get your assignments in beforehand