Clear Falls Knights Band

BAND/JAZZ BAND – Week 4 Assignment

This is all copied from itsLearning!  Please follow all instructions as best as you can and login to itsLearning to access all the files mentioned.  If you are having trouble submitting assignments please e-mail a band director. 

To clarify:

1) The Practice Card should be E-MAILED to me at and is due by Sunday at 11:59.  

2) The Major Scales assignment will need to be uploaded via itsLearning to receive credit.  

Again, if you have any issues with uploading or completing either assignment, please contact a band director.

Welcome to Week 4 of Quarantine!! 

You have 2 assignments this week.  The first of which is your weekly hour of practice.  Please e-mail that assignment to me at  Please let me know WHO is e-mailing.  There were several instances in which I did not know whose practice card it was because your school e-mails are just initials. I have provided the Practice Card to this assignment for those of you who need a new one.  Otherwise, feel free to use the same practice card as the weeks prior under Week 3.  

The second assignment is construct 3 Major Scales.  Details of your assignment can be found in the final slide of the PowerPoint provided.  

If you have any questions, issues, or if any clarification is needed regarding either assignment please contact me at

CONCERT BAND & WIND ENSEMBLE ONLY – Week #4 Assignment Update

Due to some issues with itsLearning, all member of the CONCERT BAND & WIND ENSEMBLE will be e-mailing all assignments to for the Week 4 assignment.  All necessary resources have been attached to the email or downloaded here (practice card, major scales).  Below are the instructions:

1) Look at PowerPoint and complete the assignment on the final slide.  Please follow all instructions!  

2) When e-mailing me the Major Scales assignment, type the following in the SUBJECT of the e-mail 

(Name) – Major Scales

I apologize for the technical issues.  Hopefully a resolution will come soon, but for now, go ahead and e-mail me the assignment.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Percussion – Week 4 Assignment

For percussion assignments this week.

COLOR GUARD – Week 4 Assignment

There is a new assignment posted on itsLearning for Week 4 – Home Training.  There are 3 files in the assignment you will need to access. Please let me know if you have any questions or cannot access the assignment.

Again, the full assignment is on itsLearning and will need to be turned in there as well.