Clear Falls Knights Band

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please disregard the original posting/email regarding the Distance Learning Goals for this week.  

Due to a change in the district’s requirements, this week we are ONLY requiring the practice record that catalogs 1 hour of practice time for this week.  Please send completed practice records to The practice card is on page 1 of the attached pdf. file. 

We’d like to take this time to thank you all for engaging in distance learning. All of this is a “learning curve” for all of us so keep up the good work getting those assignments in! Please see this week’s assignments below.

Previous Learning Assignments (replaced by above)

  1. The Charms recordings of the Eb and Eb scale exercises will be due this Friday April 3rd at 3:30 pm.  Percussion have the choice of two octave scales (Bb and Eb) or one of the snare etudes we sent last week in skyward and charms.  We will extend tlast week’s guard score sheet assignment to this week as well.  
  2. Please send all practice records showing one hour of practice to  They are also due this Friday April 3rd at 3:30 for all students (including guard).  Please start utilizing practice time to include the audition scales and etudes!
  3. We will be sending out a “scale construction” worksheet for completion by this Friday at 3:30 pm.  This should be a very straight forward assignment.  The skills taught on this sheet can be applied to the scales for auditions!
  4. Guard will have a new assignment sent out today from Mrs. Clyburn.  The assignment revolves around dance!  Should be fun!  That assignment will be due this Friday April 3rd 3:30 pm.  
  5. Today we will be working on putting grades from the theory worksheet and the first practice record in the grade book.  Please contact us if you have had any difficulties or extenuating circumstances to complete these assignments.  Thank you and have a great day!