Clear Falls Knights Band

  • SUPERIOR! Well done this weekend band. On to AREA! Another special thank you to our wonderful band parents for your help at the game and contest! You ROCK!
  • There will not be a stadium rehearsal due to possible inclement weather tomorrow. We will rehearse from 3:30-6:00 just like normal. There was a plan to feed the kids tomorrow but we have cancelled that meal for another time. Thank you for your flexibility.
  • Saturday October 27th is UIL AREA marching Contest. Rehearsal attendance is CRITICAL to apply our judges comments from UIL.
  • Parents please do not park in the horseshoe around the front of the school to not get in the way of buses on game/contest nights. Also, please avoid the area right  outside of the band hall. Handicap spaces are limited to those who have a handicap sticker/tag.
  • The times for Area will not be posted until the last region in our area performs for  UIL. They are scheduled for Tuesday and their rain date is Wednesday. There is a  previous draw order and we will march very early in prelims. We will send out  more information once we have it, including the meal plan for Saturday.
  • Area is a prelims and finals contest. We will perform early in the contest, eat lunch, location will depend on times, and attend prelim awards. We will feed the students dinner at Challenger regardless if we make finals or not. Most decisions will depend on the time released by UIL.
  • This past week, we sent out an updated letter regarding the Spring Trip. If you did not receive a copy, please let us know and we will send it directly to you. Also, we  will make copies for your students to take home tomorrow.